Coco Pile, Massage Therapist

I believe in integrative medicine, where we take the strengths of western and eastern health practices and blend them to compliment each other. My bachelors of science focused on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, herbs, energywork, and alternative modalities. From that program I decided I wanted to become an integrative primary care physician.

After learning about all the powerful ways in which massage helps the body, I knew I wanted soft tissue manipulation to be in my tool bag. I decided to go to the Denver Integrative Massage School, where I learned the modern techniques of Swedish, Sports Massage, Deep Myoskeletal and Fascial Release, as well as the traditional practices of Thai, Tok Sen, and Acupressure.

My approach to the body is purely therapeutic, regardless if that looks like soft, gentle touch, or deep, aggressive releases. I meet my clients where they are, and we work together as a team to reach their goals.



Reiki is a Japanese healing art that focuses on the energy body. Lay down in quiet, safe, and loving space as gentle sensations move throughout your being. Feel the subtle energy balance your chakras and be cleared of negativity as your mind is released into a state of bliss.

$30 for 30 minutes


“Hands Off” Massage

Gentle physical releases are induced through a blend of ancient tapping therapy (tok sen), and firm yet gentle strokes made with carved wood and crystal tools. Allow your muscles to give in to the grounding organic materials, as ease is brought into the body. Opening the mind for clarity and the spirit for peace.

$65 for 60 minutes


Herbal Massage

Free your mind, body, and spirit from the binds of stress, tension, and expectations.

Allow your self to slip away and release your worries through a relaxing, yet therapeutic massage using herbal oil infusions. The integration of western and eastern massage techniques recalibrate the mind, body, and soul to promote harmony within your being.

$65 for 60 minutes

$80 for 90 Minutes


Thai Massage

Liberate yourself with the refreshing massage of gentle, yet deep compressions that promote complete muscle release. Thai massage addresses whole muscle groups through unwinding movement, as your muscles are lengthened and massaged in passive stretches. This fully clothed massage requires stretchable, comfortable cloths for ease of motion as you lay down completely relaxed. The therapist effectively brings your body back into balance using kinesiology as a tool to break up stagnation.

$65 for 60 Minutes

$80 for 90 Minutes