Avoid Puffy Eyes

Top six things to do in the morning to avoid puffy eyes!

By Sarah Farrell


1) Get 6-8 hours of sleep

2) Drink plenty of filtered water – including when you first get up

3) Add lemon or rose to your water

4) Place chilled cucumbers on your eyes for 10 minutes

5) Place sliced strawberries on your eyes

6) Give yourself a daily face massage to help with Lymphatic drainage

Water Retention and Puffy Eyes

By Sarah Farrell

Did you know dehydration causes water retention . . . what??

You read that right – Dehydration may cause water retention.  Seems counterintuitive, but if the body isn’t getting enough water than the response is to store water.  Under your eyes is one of the places water gets stored.

Not a fan of storing water under your delicate eyes? The answer is to drink lots of water and avoid foods that cause water retention.

Why Do I have Red Puffy Eyes?

By Sarah Farrell


Here are ten common reasons why you may have red and puffy eyes.

Here are a list of reasons why you

1) Lack of sleep

2) Water retention

3) Dehydration

4) Eye strain due to working long periods on computers

5) Allergies, dust, pollution, smoking

6) Over exposure to air conditioning, heat,

7) UV exposure or other weather related elements (wind, dust)

8) Diet – especially salt and artificial sweeteners

9) Anemia

10) Thyroid issues