Lavender as a Natural Repellent

Lavender … let me count the ways I love you. Or at least the top five reasons why I need you in my life:

  1. Relaxing, gentle and soothing so it’s great to support sleep
  2. Calming properties which reduce anxiety and emotional stress
  3. Comforting to the nervous system which can help to alleviate headaches
  4. Has a strong smell, which aids in keeping bugs at bay and…
  5. If you are bitten by bugs, try lavender to help reduce the inflammation which may help reduce the irritation and the pain from the bite

Lavender is especially helpful in repelling moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.

Bay Leaves as a Insect Repellent

Bay leaves can be used as a natural insect repellent inside the house.   It’s strong oder can deter cockroaches, flies, fleas and ants.  For the best results, place whole leaves where the pests are commonly seen. Replace the leaves once a week to keep the strong smell.  Bay leaves can may also work against spiders and moths.


Other ways to use Bay?

  1. Bay Leaves are great for Vitamin A, C, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium and Iron
  2. The leaves are also have antibacterial and anti fungal properties to support the immune system
  3. Bay Essential Oil is often used in shampoos or hair loss treatments to help with hair loss


Insect Repellent Candle

Natural Insect Repellent