About Us

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EstaFront Door Pictureblished in 2002, MoonDance Botanicals is committed to nurturing our bodies while we deepen our connection to our innermost selves and the Earth. Our products are made with whole, pure ingredients and bring you the healing power of herbs and aromatherapy.

Our boutique is located in the urban heart of Denver, Colorado. In the artisan European model, we handcraft all products in our store so that you can watch the process happen and experience the freshest products found anywhere! In addition to our extensive line of natural bath and body products, we offer Natural Living Classes, Spa Parties, Customized Potions and Artistic Alchemy.






Spa Parties: Private parties held in our boutique for your special group, perfect for a unique girl’s night out, a birthday get together and to celebrate the joy of being! De-stress your mind and nourish your skin with a five+ step (self-applied) facial including a seasonal fresh mask for the face (with such delicacies as Avocado Carrot Nourishing Mask, Lemon Green Clay Deep Cleansing and Honey Pumpkin Exfoliating) and a guided meditation. Learn ways to keep your skin vibrant and enjoy the serenity of pampering yourself. $18 per person includes facial, wine, cheese and organic chocolate! Email us for more information and to schedule your party!








Artistic Alchemy: A special corner in our boutique to allow you to create your own herbal gifts like dream pillows, eye masks, amulets and potpourris using organic herbs and essential oils.

Customized Potions: We will work with you to create customized bath and body products and pure perfumes using YOUR favorite scents- exclusive to you! Email us for more information.